Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Introducing Henry a.k.a Snorfy

The Ken Man has been travelling for several weeks and we have not had the chance to discuss names properly. He came home on the weekend and immediately found his breakfast bowl under attack. The name "Snorfy" seems so appropriate.

This chap seems to be willing to try anything

Mr Snorfles has a go at chili with cabbage
He has grown 50% in weight since arriving. Was 1.2 Kg - Now 1.8Kg

Snorfmeister comes after my french toast - so does little girlie for that matter
He is the labrador of the cat world. Anything on the floor gets taken. Tough luck for bugs.

Sir Snorfsalot has a penchant for chocolate cake
Snorflicious went for The Ken Man's homemade choc chip cookies
Everything chocolate has to be rescued from the snorfleburgler
The worst moment came yesterday - I decided to have steak for dinner. Worst. Decision. Ever.

 It was two against one in the battle for my dinner.

Uncontrollable little marauders. Tonight's dinner was eaten on the kitchen benchtop - standing up - where they cannot jump.

As I write this, I hear him licking his bowl clean. Snorfy is a really appropriate name for this little man.

OMG!! I am NOT eating!

I'll still call him Henry when The Ken Man is not around.

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