Thursday, 20 December 2012

Mei Mei is "helping" with the Christmas cards

Writing the Christmas cards has become a team sport

" I gives my special signature"
"I'z working hard"

"See - pre-mangled - for your convenience"

Job complete - time for sleeps

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Snorfy's Friend

Meet Snorfy's special friend

Updates: Today the Snorfmeister jumped up onto the kitchen counter for the first time. and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. Geez Louise - it was like he had discovered this NEW AWESOME PLACE that we had been hiding from him and HE JUST HAD TO BE THERE.

Cat flap training has begun. Will only push for rabbity treats.

bonus Mei Mei shot - she's too big for this now!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Let the training begin

Remember this post - where I explained how Snorfy scored his name?

I revealed the danger of a steak TV dinner. Behold:

2 months on and progress has been made!

Where are the marauding kittens??
They now supervise proceedings

Never very far away ..... 

Much better behaviour

Very important steak is involved
This is what happens once the plate is gone.

We is getting bigger - so better had these thighs!
Extra bonus snoozy shot

"I haz a blankey" "I haz a pillow"
Bonus fact - went to Vet - both weigh 3.6 kilos - 3 times their arrival weight. Half the end result!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Discoverinks - Nip!

Today I introduced the kittens to the catnip bush

Mei Mei was all "meh - I'm outta here"

 Snorfy was all "what is this thing you call 'nip'?"

Then Snorfs decided it was THE MOST AWESOME THING EVA!!

" I shall help with pruning to keep the plant vibrant and bushy"
"I can lay in it like the most wonderful herby scented snoozy spot ever invented"
"I can suck on it's green fresh juicy delightfulness"

"I feel the nipular essence rejuvenating my soul, eradicating the 7 signs of ageing"
"I shall loll here in the valley of the magical elixer for all of my days and fear nothing!"

At that point Snorfy Sir Snorfsalot put himself in the chill out zone under the bamboo bush

bonus tonguage!
 I hope the bush can survive all the love

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Mei Mei in ...or out ... of focus

Mei Mei is getting bigger and stronger

She is becoming more forward, playful and vigorous

Things to chase are a favourite - we have 4 feather wands now - all beloved

She can get pretty worked up now

She's learning to pounce on things - including her big brother

But she doesn't do the "killer" kick (or "bunny" kick as named on the cute blogs! But there is nothing cute about eviseration)

I love the way she is sitting at the end of our little play session - feet everywhere!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Discoverinks - the back garden

We've begun taking the little critters out everyday to check out the surrounds.

I use a harness to which I attach one of those retractable dog walking thingies - but I only have 1. So they can only go out one at a time. The other will sit inside peering sadly out the windows at us.

I'm taking them up the driveway, and around the house. Hopefully getting them used to home and where the escape routes are if they ever need one!

You'll never get fit walking a cat. They have to stop and sniff everything. EVERYTHING. EVERY DAMNED SQUARE INCH OF EVERYTHING.

See how I share this joy with you: 

Ken couldn't be bothered. He put Snorfs on the string and tied him to a post then went off to do some weeding. Snorfs entertained himself for about an hour.

All went well until Snorfy got himself tangled around a pot plant

We came inside after that and little kittens had a big sleep

The Snorfmeister was particularly tired out

Monday, 27 August 2012

Snorfy's big adventure!

Snorfy. The babe we called "Snorfy"

and he grew ...... grew, grew and grew .....

.... grew up to be,

 .... yes he grew up to be .....

...a boy called Snorfy....a boy called Snorfy.

He has ears, and legs and paws and feet, this boy .... whose name is Snorfy.

and he grew .....

... grew, grew and grew .... grew up to be ...

yes, he grew up to be.....

 ..... a teenager called Snorfy. A teenager called Snorfy.

and his face became grotty. Yes, his face became grotty.

and his sniff dropped down low

and things started to grow

on young Snorfy, and so .....

..... he was "done" and now's known .....

... as not a boy named Snorfy. Not a boy named Snorfy

This cat called Snorfy!!

(He'll sleep it off)

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Cats in Trees

Poor kittens!

I have been very busy with work over the past few weeks and they have been forced to entertain themselves.

The cat tree cops the brunt of any pent up energy and you can see they certainly are giving the poor thing a workout.
They hide in it, climb in it, sit on top of it. They scratch it, pull bits off it and of course it is excellent for hiding when playing chasinks.

Snorfy the Blender Pet.

And one of my favourite photos - the disembodied kittehs having a snoozy time

begging for a snarky caption
Here's a good example of how much Mei Mei loves the cat tree - and it shows how hard a time they give this thing. Oh - and it shows Snorfy's desire to be part of the action.