Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday

Tonight I reminisce as it is the 2nd birthday for Snorfy and Mei Mei.

April 1st Birthday portrait of our Lord of the Manor
Over the 2 years, they have both grown from teeny things - say 1.5 kilos to pushing 6 kilos. Will they stop?

They are definitely in that teenager state. Snorfy is a boofy bloke who wants to be first, and he doesn't want to be mothered - by me. Although Ken can tickle him FOREVER. He is very active and easily bored. Wants to be into everything. I don't have any photos, but when Ken is cooking, he likes to sit up on the sink and watch everything! And he eats everything!  He is our bold little man who seems to think he is indestructible.

irresistible chocolate. He loves the smell. Got his head stuck in the bag, panicked, and chocolates everywhere! which, yes, we collected before he could eat.

Mei Mei is a goofy gal. She has a slight dysplasia, and so has a froggy walk and runs around like a bunny hop. It does not slow her down and over the past year her level of activity and her co-ordination has increased and improved. She hates tall adults looming over her, but every morning she hears my alarm go off and she bounds onto the bed for a tickle session. Then I can man-handle her and tickle her all over for the delight of us both. At least one of them comes to me!

Let me give you some differences between British Shorthairs and Domestic Shorthairs:
  • They are dense - although 6 kilos, it is all packed into one compact round body. Smaller ears, short tail, stumpy legs and big round dense 'cobby' bodies and heads. And Snorfy has really big paws - his legs don't taper. They are like short elephant trunks. 
Meisy Girl - a chocolate version of the Cookie Monster - no neck - just solid all the way.

  • not athletic or lithe.  They don't jump very high. or climb. Mei Mei cannot jump up to the kitchen counters. 

  • Minimal damage! no climbed curtains, shredded clothing, knocking things off the counters, no opening doors, chewing things, no stealing food. They don't 'bunny kick' anything - toys/each other.
  • They seem incapable of entertaining themselves. Look in the video. See the cat bed / basket thing? on top are all the rejected toys. They don't bat things around or chew things - only chase something that is moving independently. Preferably string.

  • Both are SOOOO quiet. Mei Mei barely speaks - once a month - if that.  No shouty, demanding hungry cats, no chatty banter - just silence all the time! nice.
  • I once read that these cats are "loyal" and that is a good word.  They want to be where ever we are and follow us everywhere. They will sit on the couch next to me. Snorfy RUNS to the door when Ken comes home and lives under his feet, following him from room to room. If I ever happen to get up off the couch, they both will follow me. Every thing in the bathroom is a spectator sport. 
  • They hate being picked up - all four on the floor please. 
  • they get hot really easily. Having the densest fur in the cat world means minor running around makes them puff - and they don't sleep on your lap or the bed. Play time is really short.
  • I have to do more grooming. They seem unable to reach around and wash their backs/base of their tails. So there is lots of combing. And Snorfy's fur all stands up on end - he is like a sheep or plush toy
    who dares disturb me in my lair?! No wait it is too hot and stuffy in here - I'm leaving.
  • They stick close to the house. They love watching the neighbours chickens, but Mei Mei won't leave the courtyard garden. Snorfy is more game and (this will freak out some of you - so take a deep breath and sit down) every Sunday morning I can walk him, down the street to a little park and he runs around!  
  • Maybe they are the beagles of the cat world (without the digging and naughtiness). They are so driven by their noses - they sniff out everything and go nuts over some smells (ummm ken's t-shirts? TMI?). And their sniffing is very loud and huffy. 
must be near that stinky t-shirt
  •  They are not overly affectionate. They don't want to sit on you, don't head butt, don't like being held / cuddled. Won't even take hand feeding. They will accept a tickle if I can reach across to the other side of the couch. And they like first thing in the morning / on the bed tickles.
So for two years they have provided Ken and I with fun, entertainment, interaction, affection and an added dimension to our life together. They have certainly been the easiest animals to manage I have encountered - come when called, sit politely, no noise, easy to train. Our relationships are better than 1 year ago, and I am sure the four of us continue to grow more close and fond - and bring more joy to our lives.

Once again - a thank you to Lorraine and Barry at the award winning Sharad Cattery - the breeders who do a great job bringing healthy little ones into the world and socialising them for me.