Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Just an idea of kittens

Here's the whole litter of little fluff-balls. They are so gorgeous - but they are all way over in Adelaide.

Where's mum going?
They have been bred and are living in the bathroom at Sharad Cattery, Adelaide. Go and check them out! You'll be impressed with their amazing colours and the cutest kittens

I still feel very detached - blogging about cats that are just photos to me.

Oh - It's dinner time!
In this photo, I can't tell which ones will be mine but eat up chaps! You have to get to a kilo in weight to be desexed and I can't have you until you've had the ol' snip snip.

BrDbGdCh Sharad Messiah
Look at this georgeous fellow. Does he not look like the original Cheshire Cat?

So the wonderful Sharad Cattery are raising 2 little kittehs for me in their bathroom. One day they'll be here and it will suddenly all be very real.

(more 7 week photos)

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Friday, 22 June 2012

The fear and the fluff

I suspect Mr Lilac is gonna be a mumma's boy.

Which, for a kitten, is EVERYTHING I could hope for!

(seven weeks old!)

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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Five weeks old!

Here they are at 5 weeks old.

You can see their ears are way bigger.

Their noses and muzzlepouches are more elongated. I think their eyes are less blue - more grey.

The little family has started eating solid food

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Growing Up

Look! I made my first ever gif!

create animated gif
I wanted you see the difference between 3 weeks and 5 weeks for the kittens.

Although looking at this for too long makes me feel queasy.

Friday, 8 June 2012


Time to reveal these little guys.

Chocolate Girlie and Lilac Bloke
So in my last post I introduced you to the little family, from which these guys come.

The breed is British Shorthair - the breed on which Lewis Carroll based the Cheshire Cat!

John Tenniel's illustration from 1866
Back to the kittens

Still have the baby blue eyes - will eventually be gold

So I was talking with my psycho man and he asked me "why did I choose British Shorthair?"

me: "Well of course it is completely Freudian! The breed is a representation of myself"

It is a larger sized, plump cat, thick coat, placid - not athletic or lithe, not destructive, laze around all day, happy to be alone, pretty quiet until food is involved, loyal, not clingy but happy to sit in the same room, easy to train and teach tricks, tough with no known health problem.

Just add - "can use computer" and I am handing over this blog.

Have shorter legs and a cobby body - sounds familiar?
So here are their photos where they are 3 weeks old. A little brother and sister. They have to spend 12 weeks with their mother to be healthy and fully socialised.

I love how they look like their smiling!
 After all, no one wants to spend their life looking at a grumpy kitten.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Cat Maths

This site is the start of a beautiful relationship.