Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Meet Ms. Chocolate

Here she is, in all her rich chocolately goodness

She is very timid about big scary humans. I didn't see her for the first 24 hours as she was under the couch with the daddy long legs.

Cleaning up the spider webs under there
So it's hard to get a photo of her. She never ventured very far from that hidey hole

I call her Ms. cause she has been desexed now.

She independent and very rambunctious when playing - now!  Every day she comes out of her shell a bit more. I've gotta stay at least 1 foot away! She only comes to me on her terms!

yep - more spider webs

She defers to her brother alot - then again she doesn't have much chance when food is involved. However, she does love her brother and does everything with him.

She's a quiet, independent, gentle, sweet little thing.

One day she might let me tickle her tummy

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