Sunday, 20 January 2013

Easy like Sunday Morning

Snorfy is having a relaxing Sunday morning.

At 9 months old, he went to the vet this week for his last kitteny check up and FIV vaccination

Behaved very well and got a clean bill of health. He now weighs 4.5 kilos. Still more growing to do.

Mei Mei arrives to say good morning
I love that boys tail - it's darker and clearly striped - like the original Cheshire Cat


"throw the ball, lady!"
Mr. Snorfy Sir Snorfsalot is a big boy now and only drinks big boy drinks - aka water. But tough water: from the shower, from the pond - and from the water bowl - but it's a dirty bowl! tough drinking only!

On the other hand, Mei Mei still enjoys milk. She enjoys it A LOT - all of it, all at the same time, and all over the place. I have experimented and she now gets her milk in a bread and butter plate. Lactose free milk of course.

How does this happen?? Neither of us are happy with this situation (note: under dishwasher ball barrier)

Mei Mei's also visited the vet and was pretty uneventful - she is weighing in at 4.8 kilos. I am hoping that the girly will stop growing soon! We discussed some of her goofier traits (e.g. she's a bit unco-ordinated when running around and far less playful than Snorfs) but she seems pretty happy and healthy, and the walls are surviving the crashings.

At least she helped me in cleaning up

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